How To Fix Your Video Game AV / RCA Cables, or Quick and Dirty RCA / AV Cable Repair

How To Fix Your Video Game AV / RCA Cables, or Quick and Dirty RCA / AV Cable Repair

This was a request from thesegastoner. A simple temporary fix or repair for your RCA or AV video game system cables. Please check out my other game haul, pic…


  1. edt1138

    You’re welcome. I hope it helps.

  2. carlos321698


  3. nwachukwuable

    Mine did not work

  4. edt1138

    If I understand his question correctly, yes.

  5. nwachukwuable

    hey did vcr AV worked for your Xbox 360?

  6. VertuleMusic

    Thank you so much for this, you wont believe how awesome this is!

  7. VertuleMusic

    on my xbox 360 av cable, on the video cable the rod that goes into the input is bent out of place and doesnt work

    If i were to replace that one with the video cable from a ps2 or an old vcr would that work for my xbox?

  8. bpeteyp

    ive done that but u can get humming on ur tv… ( bars that slowly go up the screen) or leakage (bars that quickly go from bottom corner to opposite top corner )

  9. william bailey

    connect the ps2 video connector to your tv and ps3 then turn off the ps3 turn back on and hold down the power button in front it will reset the video. hold it for 10 secs or so or until you hear a beep

  10. xSGGaming33

    Thank you so much. Great video. Helped me so much, now I can hear my Xbox once again as my red and white cables were broken. Anyways great vid and thnx a lot!

  11. jesus Hernàndez

    Thank you so so much! I fixed my xbox’s cables this way, and it works perfectly :) I also have no experience as an electrician whatsoever so it really was a huge success, thank you again, subbed.

  12. justin1122fly

    oh but thxs im going to use it in the future i subed

  13. justin1122fly

    messed up trying to rush it broke my entire cord

  14. Austin Riordan

    Sub for sure, you possibly saved my ass on my car stereo wires.

  15. Toby Fox

    ok, thanks! :)

  16. edt1138

    I believe I said in the video that you could use other tape because the current is so low, but it has been a while, so maybe not. You can use it to hold the wires together, but it won’t be pretty.

  17. Toby Fox

    Just a stupid question but can you use normal cello-tape or does it have to be ducktape or electrical?

  18. edt1138

    I’m sorry, but I am not familiar with PS3′s. That is the one console I have never owned.

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